Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Why do we celebrate Thanksgiving?

Why do we celebrate Thanksgiving?

Why do we celebrate the Thanksgiving

The second Monday of October month in Canada and 4th Thursday of November in the USA are celebrated as Thanksgiving Day. Thanksgiving is a traditional way of thanking god for the harvests produces. Every religion has a different method and day fixed for this rejoice. There are many special ceremonies.

The most renowned trace of thanksgiving celebration was held at the Plymouth Plantation in the year 1621. In the year 1620, the English refugees were starved to death due to their failure in producing food. Later the Wampanoag tribe taught them to prepare and grow food for the survival.

To thank those noble souls, the religious refugees from England (the pilgrims) had invited the local natives of America, to a feast which was being celebrated on the successful harvest of grains.
Besides the traditional roots, the day’s celebration was witnessed officially in Canada on April 15, 1972, when the Prince of Wales recovered from a long illness.

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